Yukon elevation data


Yukon government’s most recent elevation data is provided by Geomatics Yukon via the following channels:

Overview page https://yukon.ca/en/statistics-and-data/mapping/view-yukon-elevation-data
Browse/Visualization http://mapservices.gov.yk.ca/GeoYukon/
Bulk download ftp://ftp.geomaticsyukon.ca/Elevation/
Service https://mapservices.gov.yk.ca/imagery/rest/services/Elevation

These data are in 16 metre and 30 metre cells for seamless territory-wide coverage, 150 centimetre and 5 metre for the areas covered by stereo satellite imagery, and 1 metre or better for areas covered by LiDAR.

For questions about current elevation data from Yukon government, email geomatics.help@gov.yk.ca.


Historical elevation data for use with National Topographic Database (NTDB) is available from Yukon Department of Environment via:

Bulk download http://ftp-env-public.gov.yk.ca/geo/Elevation/

Read 'Differentiating Yukon Digital Elevation Models' and 'History_YukonDEMs_2016' within the sub-folders for guidance on using these historical models.

For questions about historical elevation data from Yukon department of Environment, email env-gis-unit@gov.yk.ca.